The Code Ne’er Broken

They came from their homes, tiny little bands
Of brothers and fought in distant land.
Many were ridiculed by those with whom they fought
Side by side every day  - glory  was ne’er sought.
They were warriors in more ways than one
And kept up the pace until their job was done.
They prayed o’er those who fell as they had done before
To send them on the path leading to Heaven’s door.
The work they did ne’er heralded until just recently
Many of them lost in battle; now, part of history.
The language they spoke, by others, had not been heard
But it was surely magical every single word.
Some fell upon soil so far, far away
But live on in memory to this very day.
Their names may not be spoken, so we will never know
Yet their spirits continue to bask in Creator’s glow.
To those who fought so valiantly,
thank you is not enough to say
For those of long ago; and those who serve this day.
The words of long ago no one else knew when spoken
But they remain to this very day - the code ne’er broken.
This poem is a tribute to the Navajo code talkers of yesteryear and those who serve today.
Phyllis M. Scott
Copyright, 2007


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