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Letter to Colorado Representatives

I support the efforts of many who want to see Columbus Day changed in your state.  With that in mind, and in an attempt to satisfy both parties on either side of the argument, I offer these solutions to the issue:

American Indians and some Italian groups in Colorado want you to bring about legislation changing the name of Columbus Day to Italian Heritage Day. Italians want a holiday to honor their heritage, and we agree that they should have a day for this, but do not want this day to be called Columbus Day. Italian Heritage Day should be set in the month of September as this way the month Italians first celebrated their heritage nationally.

American Indians, with support from many other ethnic groups in Colorado, ask that you bring about Native American Day as a state holiday set on the second Monday of October. In the month of October American Indians harvest their food crops, this makes October a fitting month for Native America Day.

Italians Americans know the true history of Columbus is not taught in our nations schools for a very good reason. Our children should not be taught that Columbus is a hero, a man to be looked up to and honored, his true history speaks for itself. Columbus Day holiday was enacted at a time in history when anti-Indian sentiment ran high.  Out of respect for all people in the land we call the melting pot, the man who brought many of us here but whose policies also eliminated many of us, should not, in good conscience, be celebrated.

No Indian Nation supports Columbus Day as a national holiday in our country. Seventeen states have dropped Columbus Day as a state holiday, South Dakota and Wyoming have enacted legislation changing Columbus Day to Native American Day, the state of North Dakota just enacted legislation proclaiming October 10, 2003, First Nations Day. The federal government already recognizes the month of November as Native American Heritage Month.

Congressman Baca of California has introduced House Resolution 167 IH to Congress calling for National Native American Day, I ask that the Colorado State government join in the efforts of other states to bring about Native American Day and the elimination of Columbus Day.

Solutions to this issue,
We ask that you give serious thought to bringing about the changes we suggest above, and enact legislation in your state to make these changes. By making these changes, you show compassion and fair treatment toward people of color and the issues that pertain to them. Your support will set a guideline for our country to follow.

The cost of Columbus Day celebrations to Colorado City and State governments runs into the hundreds of thousands of our taxpayer dollars each year.  Colorado must change the state's support of the offensive Columbus Day holiday.  Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the United States and Americans love to travel there and visit. But, if the government representatives cannot or will not settle this matter, our National group is prepared to call for an "economic boycott of Colorado" until the state settles this issue in a fair and just way for ALL of its citizens.

Please read this news report about the cost of Columbus Day just to the city of Denver.

Rocky Mountain News: Local,1299,DRMN_15_2369505,00.html

US Congress House Resolution 167 IH
Congress National Holiday Resolution for Native Americans

Please respond to my letter, thank you for you time.


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