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At this time the commission of civil rights in Washington, DC is considering taking on the Native American mascot issue. Your support on this issue is needed by writing a letter voicing your opinion on why Indians should not be used as mascots in our schools and the national sports industries.

Your letter should state your personal views on how using American Indians as mascots is demeaning and causes our children to endure personal humiliation among their peers. Thanks to Christine Rose the civil rights commission has asked for letters from the Indian community voicing their opinion and concerns on the mascot issue.

This is our chance to let the government know that we want the misuse of our heritage and our people in the sports industries to stop. Please forward your letters to she is compiling all letters to be sent to the civil rights commission person that has requested this action.

If you would like to mail your letter to the civil rights commission please see information below, you may email the commission or call. It is important for you to send your letter to Christine so all letters will reach the person she is working with on this issue. Your support on this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Les Jin
Commission of Civil Rights - Room 700
624 Ninth Street N.W.
Washington DC 20425

Commission phone number
1-800-552-6843 or 202-376-8513
Hearing impaired 202-376-8116
United States Commission on Civil Rights

Yahoo! Groups : STAR-STAR
Send letters to:

Please inform the commission of the on line petition calling for Senate hearings on the racial exclusion of Native Americans in the national sports Industries with over 14,000 thousand signatures.

United Native America
Mike L. Graham

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