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Ralph McKnight of the Rainbow Caucus and Ricki Santell of the Computer / Internet Caucus will be serving as ambassadors from the Native American Caucus to their respective groups.

CDP Chairman Art Torres, Congressman Mike Honda, Congressman Brad Sherman and Congresswoman Hilda Solis, State Assemblyman Tony Cardenas, State Assemblyman Herb Wesson, State Senator Nell Soto as well as Governor Davis’s special assistant Oscar Gonzales attended the caucus or made remarks.

CDP Controller and caucus member Antonio Salazar-Hobson, CDP 1st Vice Chair Alicia Wang, CDP 2nd ,Vice Chair Alex Rooker, CDP incoming secretary Reggie Sawyer also addressed the group. State Board of Equalization candidate and caucus member Johan Klehs addressed the caucus on his candidacy for state controller.

State Assemblyman Kevin Shelly spoke on his legislation, Assembly Bill 55, that will would assist in the modernization of voting through the use of touch screen voting equipment; create uniform procedures for recounts and tabulation; establish online voter programs; reform the current motor-voter registration process and creates a commission for voting modernization to oversee this effort.

San Francisco State University Professor of Native American Studies Joely de la Torre spoke on California Senate Bill 41,authored by State Senator Dede Alpert, aimed at bringing more accurate historical information on California Indian history to state-funded textbooks and classroom materials.

Laura Miranda made a presentation on behalf of California Indian Legal Services regarding the California Department of Education’s lack of response to inquiries as to the department’s position or policy on the use of “redskins”.

Eugene Harrod of the Southern California Indian Center gave an informative presentation on the ugly history of the racial slur “redskin” and how it was evolved from the practice of many states to pay bounty for Indian skin and body parts. The term explicitly refers to the bloody underside of the human skin torn from the body.

Caucus founding chair and corresponding secretary Raven Lopez Workman reported on the upcoming Federal Civil Rights Commission April 13th hearing and the caucus’ work with Students and Teachers Against Racism (STAR). The NAC has passed two resolutions opposing the use of Native American imagery, names, religious symbols or terms for mascot or any public use that does not convey proper dignity or respect.

The caucus is coordinating letters of support from CDP delegates and their caucuses and organizations opposing the use of “redskins” or Native American images as a mascot term or image. (For a copy of the Native American Caucus’ resolutions, visit Delegates took copies of the Native American Caucus’ resolutions back to their organizations. During the next several days, the caucus will be following up for information to be sent to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.

NA Caucus Board member and Southern California Indian Center executive director Paula Starr and California State Senator Joe Dunn reported on their work on state funding applications to include “Indian” or “Native American” as an ethnic category.

Chad Gordon and Morongo Tribal Chairwoman Mary Ann Martin Andreas provided an update on Prop 1A progress and the lawsuit by the card rooms against Prop 1A.

Waltona Manion reported on the California gaming tribes’ revenue-sharing program with non-gaming tribes and how tribes are working with neighboring communities to support a wide variety of charity organizations.

Follow up notes: I just spoke with Raven and she said that the attending congressmen and senators have already brought the resoutions back to their own Department of Educations and are recommending that its immediate institution. CR

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