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United Native America

Political correctness out of control
Time to teach true American history in our nation's schools.

If the Confederate flag goes So should the American flag!!!

If the Confederate flag is racist to African Americans and should be banned, even to the point it cannot be sold in America's stores, then what about the American flag, which signifies racism to the American Indians?

Buffalo soldiers served in the US Army. They helped imprison American Indians on reservations and they killed our people for the federal government under the America flag. Therefore, if African Americans can say the Confederate flag is racist to their people, are we going to do away with the American flag for what it did to the American Indians with the help of African Americans?

More American Indians were killed and enslaved under the American flag we have today than Blacks were under the Confederate flag! Before, during and after the Civil War, American Indians were persecuted under the America flag! To date, no African American group has apologized for what their ancestors did to the American Indians while serving in the US Army! After all, this is the American Indians' true homeland and all those who came here to their true homeland helped in one way or another to destroy them as a people!

The federal government stole the Indians' land and all the gold on it. That gold was used to build our America we have today as well as other countries around the world.  The federal government has no true land to give to anyone! The federal government has not honored even one treaty it made with the American Indians so, all the land still legally belongs to the American Indians. This is just part of the true history of how America came about and is being governed today.

The American Indians served on both sides in the Civil War.  In fact, an Indian by the name of Ely S. Parker drafted the Articles of Surrender that ended the Civil War at Appomattox. General Grant could not spell or write very well, so Ely S. Parker was commissioned to draft two separate articles of the surrender papers for Grant and Lee to sign.

General Ely S. Parker, Union Army

Ely Samuel Parker

The largest Confederate force in Indian Territory was commanded by Confederate Brig. Gen. Stand Watie, who was also a chief of the Cherokee Nation. Dedicated to the Confederate cause and unwilling to admit defeat, Watie kept his troops in the field for nearly a month after Lt. Gen. E. Kirby Smith surrendered the Trans-Mississippi on May 26. Finally accepting the futility of continued resistance, on June 23 Watie rode into Doaksville near Fort Towson in Indian Territory and surrendered his battalion of Creek, Seminole, Cherokee, and Osage Indians to Lt. Col. Asa C. Matthews, appointed a few weeks earlier to negotiate a peace with the Indians. Watie was the last Confederate general officer to stop fighting the Union Army in the Civil War, He signed a peace treaty as to Indian nations and the Union Army of America.

Brig. Gen. Stand Watie Camp #1303

Fort Ward Museum - "We are all Americans", Native Americans in the Civil War

When it comes to American history, one shoe does not fit all. The American Indians had good reason to join the Confederate side in the Civil War, the federal government! And under the American flag that was brought into their villages, federal soldiers killed men, women and children, taking their land and way of life.

"I don't go so far as to think that the only good Indians are the dead Indians, but I believe nine out of ten are, and I shouldn't inquire too closely into the health of the tenth!"

President Theodore Roosevelt.

Racism has no color and it's a two-way street. Slavery, at one time, was committed by all races world wide.

Mike L. Graham