United Native America Working With Italian Americans
To Bring About The End Of Columbus Day In America

United Native America was contacted by the "Order Sons of Italy in America" stating they support Native Americans having a national holiday.  The national Italian group OSIA wanted to know what it would take for Indians to stop protesting their national holiday under the name of Columbus Day. Please read United Native America response below.

UNA has been informed by the Italian group that they will draft a letter to be sent out to their national membership asking them to consider changing Columbus Day to Italian Heritage day. This is the first step of many to come on this issue. The Italian community has seen the hand writing on the wall, Columbus Day must go. It's just a matter of getting diehard Columbus lovers to let go.

Order Sons of Italy in America: http://www.osia.org/

Letter From United Native America

Letter to:
Order Sons of Italy in America

The Native American community supports Italian Americans in the celebration of their heritage past and present. Italian Americans have played a significant role in the formation of the America we have today. Italian Americans have served our country in time of need with honor and valor that is recognized around the world.

Italian Americans are to be commended for their social and economic efforts that have kept America strong and free. Italian Americans' service to local, state and federal offices receives support from all Americans, as it is well deserved.

The Native American community rejects the celebration of the discovery of their true home land by Columbus, and also, celebrating Columbus Day as a federal holiday.  No Native American Government recognizes Columbus Day as a day to celebrate. The Native Hawaiian community fully rejects honoring Columbus Day.  Seventeen states have dropped Columbus Day as a state holiday.  Some states have even changed Columbus Day to Native American Day.

The Native American community respectfully requests that Italian Americans consider showing honor and respect to their heritage by changing Columbus Day to Italian Heritage Day.  An Italian national holiday under the name Italian Heritage Day would complement the full range of the Italian heritage and history.  Italian American children of today would show greater respect and pride toward a holiday honoring them under the name of Italian Heritage Day.

Changing Columbus Day to Italian Heritage Day is only offered as a suggested new name. The Italian American community should have the opportunity to voice their support for this action.

The Native American community stands ready to join side by side with all Italian Americans in the celebration of their heritage under any name other than Columbus. The Native American community fully respects all Italians, but will not show support for Columbus, the man, nor support his having a national holiday in America.

Italian Americans and Native Americans should take this opportunity to open the door to a new and better future for their communities and America.

Mike L. Graham, member Oklahoma Cherokee Nation
Founder United Native America

Email address: mikeuna1@aol.com


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