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Updated information on the holiday issue at this time is, The American Indian Caucus of California, represented by, Raven Workman has announced that they fully support the national holiday bill going before congress. They have just opened a web site and is in the process of adding to it. Those of you that are interested in helping them build this site, I'm sure they would appreciate people wanting to help them.

The Indian Caucus has asked to be on United Native America mailing list. As they have just wrapped up a successful event at the Democratic National Convention. The Indian Caucus at this time wants to inform the American Indian community that the best way to bring about change is for each and every one of us, is to register to vote. It is up to us to show the candidates that we are involved in the political system of this country and we will use our vote to bring about the much needed change we need. Please visit the American Indian caucus web site.


United Native America has been in contact with singer and actor, Wayne Newton in the past concerning the national holiday issue. He is volunteering his time to make a television commercial on the national holiday. Mr. Newton fully supports this holiday bill coming before congress.

We have been invited by tribal nations in Massachusetts to come before them, to inform them of the holiday issue. They have expressed an interest in financing the air time on the holiday television commercial. We have talked to actor Wes Studi and Branscombe Richmond, they have expressed to us that they support this national holiday issue.

The holiday petition has been online for three weeks and two days, at this time it is number two out of over a thousand petitions online. It has been in the top ten from day one, at this time over three thousand two hundred people have signed the petition. Special thanks to Barbara Holian of Alaska, for putting out the word on the holiday petition to her friends. The last three pages on the holiday petition are packed with people from Alaska signing it.

Click here sign this important petition!

A special thanks to Pauline Dragoo in California for getting radio station KPFA to have me on their morning show anchored by Lisa Rothman to be aired on the 29th of August at 8:20 am pacific time, if you would like to listen to this program click on their web site: KPFA RADIO 94.1 FM BERKELEY

Welcome to KPFA Radio 94.1fm Berkeley. Allow yourself time to locate the program and listen with real audio player.

United Native America at this time is waiting to here from the Washington, DC Indian Caucus, Kimberly Teehee and representative JD Hayworth of Arizona. We are in the process of contacting other congressional caucus groups to inform them of this issue and asking for their support. By this bill coming before congress the Indian community and all Americans will see how our governments true feelings toward American Indians stand.

We have several web sites that are in support of the national holiday bill and the petition. We are posting these web sites below and more will be added to this as they post information about the holiday and the petition. Some of these sites are news groups that have been in support of United Native America over the past several years. Country Road Chronicles July issue featured a full page article on our demonstration in Atlanta, Georgia against Ted Turners Atlanta Braves and CNN.

Indian Country Today has featured stories on our issues. They have been a great asset in getting the word out.

Also News From Indian Country newspaper has shown great support in reporting on our issues.

These web sites are in support of the national holiday and the petition:

My Two Beads Worth
Tecumseh's Dream
Holiday Email petition site
Off of the Blue Highways in My Mind
Arthur Medicine Eagle
Turtle Island Native Network
Ishgooda Native News
Indigenous Peoples Day
American Indian Radio On Satellite (AIROS)
Stonebear's Honor Ride

United Native America gives special thanks to each and every one of these sites for their support on the national holiday issue. At this time we are connected to tens of thousands of people in getting the word out about the national holiday issue.

Founder of United Native America
Mike L. Graham - August 23, 2000
"This letter will bring everyone up to date on where the holiday issue stands at this time. I started on this issue in 1988 when I went before the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council. Shortly after that I had serious problems with a service connected injury which left me unable to work on this issue until 1993. At that time I formed a grass roots organization under the name United Native America. With the support of this group we were able to go before the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council to present this issue. After going before the council members several times that year on December 13, 1993, they passed resolution 91-93 calling on the federal government to bring about a national holiday for Native Americans. At that time Chief Mankiller was in office, I discussed this issue with her several times but nothing become of it while she was in office. At that time Chief Joe Bird was elected and during his four years in office there was an internal fight between Chief Mankillers and Chief Joe Birds supporters. This basically brought the government to a stand still.

Chief Chad Smith is in office at this time, At a council meeting in November 1999 He said he was for changing Columbus Day to Native American Day. In a telephone conversation with Chief Smith he stated he would not take the lead point on this issue, he would leave that up to me and others.

In 1998 we held a demonstration on the front steps of the US Capitol building in Washington DC. we had a super good turn out and our message was reported on by the Washington news organizations. We have traveled all over America including the state of Hawaii to get the word out. At this time we have sent thousands of signed petitions in favor of this holiday to the American Indian Caucus Washington DC. for them to review. In June Kimberly Teehee informed us that the Indian Caucus would take up this issue in August. The Indian Caucus number is 202-225-3611. Please call or email Kimberly Teehee.

Kimberly Teehee has stated that the bill they take to congress will not ask them to change Columbus Day she is in a set mind that it will not happen. All we are asking is for a holiday bill to be brought before congress and let them debate the issue as to how to bring about this holiday. The federal holiday list is pretty full at this time. Their back is going to be against the wall to create a new holiday or turn us down. It would be a win- win situation for congress to make the second Monday of October Native American Day and change Columbus Day back to its traditional day the second Wednesday of October and not be a federal tax paid holiday such as St. Patrick Day and Octoberfest. At this time there are seventeen states that do not recognize Columbus Day.

The state of South Dakota has changed it to Native American Day. I have had several senators and congressman tell me that if this bill came before them they would be in support of making this change. The biggest problem we have at this time is getting the bill brought before congress. Understand that the vast majority of all Americans are for this holiday. Our petitions, radio, television and newspaper surveys show that over 95% of those surveyed are in support of this holiday. Again this brings us back to Washington DC. whether its an election year or not there will be major attempts to keep this bill from coming before congress. For the remainder of the time we have each and every one of us should focus on our state representatives with letters first followed up with more letters and phone calls to include surrounding states in your area. Send letters to your senators to get their opinion on this issue in writing. Do not let them give you the run around!

Contact other groups and organizations that you know of and get it in writing if they support this issue. All support letter copies should be sent to:
Representative JD Hayworth
1023 Longworth
House Office Building (hob)
Washington DC. 20515
Email JD Hayworth

and mail a copy to:
Kimberly Teehee
2187 Rayburn
House Office Building
Washington DC. 20515

We appreciate everyone's interest in this issue and know that your heart and ours is in the same place. Lets go forward with the understanding that we are doing this for a day of recognition for our ancestors that had the backbone to stand up for us to live in peace and self govern, also for our future generations.

Understand in your heart the sacrifice they gave for each and every one of us to be here today. It's our turn to stand up for them and for this country to pay tribute to the holocaust they endured. If anyone has suggestions or ideas feel free to let us know and communicate with each other on the Email list. Email, write or call as often as you need to. Our sprits are high and even though its going to be a lot of work lets have fun with it and make it a memorable time."

Mike L. Graham
Rt. 6 box 243
Muldrow, Okla.
Email Mike L Graham

Retain this letter in your mail box as new for as long as you need it. Here's the link to the petition: PETITION FOR NATIVE AMERICAN HOLIDAY

AUGUST 7, 2000
Letter to: Elected Representatives Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma

On December 13th 1993 the tribal council passed Resolution # 91-93 calling on the Federal Government to bring about a National Holiday for Native Americans. United Native America drafted Resolution # 1-1 requesting the federal government to re-evaluate it's holiday list concerning Columbus Day as a tax paid holiday.

The American Indian Caucus in Washington D.C. represented by Kimberly Teehee has announced to United Native America that this month of August 2000 they will take up the issue of bringing about a National Holiday Bill before the U.S. Congress. We are requesting that the elected body of the Cherokee nation contact the Indian caucus to offer full support of preparing this bill to be brought before congress.

United Native America has been working on this issue for over ten years.

The passing of this bill will bring about much needed change throughout the American Indian community and our country as a whole. This holiday will instill a stronger since of pride and self esteem to Indians of all age groups. Passage of this bill will have a direct positive affect on the health, education and poverty of the Indian community.

This National Holiday for American Indians, Alaskan Indians and Native Hawaiians will bring about the beginning of the healing process our country needs. We consider this holiday issue to be a major legislative achievement to bring about for all Native Americans and should be given full support by all representatives throughout the native community.

In polls we have conducted across the country over 90% of those polled were in favor of this holiday being brought about. Are polls were conducted in newspapers, television, radio and hand signed petitions. We have sent thousands of signed petitions to the Indian caucus in Washington D.C.

At this time United Native America has posted an online petition on July 31st, 2000 calling for a National Holiday for Native Americans. You may review this petition and comments at PETITION ONLINE

At this time the petition has been online for one week and is number three out of over eight hundred petitions and over a thousand people have signed it.

We would encourage each and every one of you to sign this petition and notify all Cherokee Government offices and employees to support this issue and petition. Please feel free to contact us online at MIKE GRAHAM

Information we have acquired on Columbus Day is seventeen states do not recognize it. The state of South Dakota has changed Columbus Day to Native American Day. It would be proper for each one of you to draft a letter and send it to Oklahoma Representatives and Senators requesting that they review all options in bringing about this holiday.

Mike L. Graham
Rt. 6 box 243
Muldrow, Okla. 74948

The National Holiday is to honor all of our people, One has to understand in our society today the federal government has certain guidelines to follow in bringing about a national holiday. These guidelines were not in place when Columbus Day was made a National tax paid holiday, nor were Indians citizens of the United States. Under today's guidelines Columbus does not deserve a federal tax paid holiday.

Columbus never set foot on this land, and with his immoral actions toward the island Indians Nations he came in contact with, is one more reason he should not have a National Holiday in this country. His own country doesn't even honor him with a holiday for discovering Indian Nations and their land. This is what the Columbus myth is all about.

At a time when Indians were unable to stand against such a holiday to be enacted, a group of people chose to impose it upon us. This is the same attitude that brought about the national monument Mt. Rushmore, every attempt to demoralize Indian Nations was enacted. This is why the federal government chose South Dakota to place their political leader figures carved in stone to show their political power over our land.

To show respect for those that endured the worlds longest holocaust and most costly in human life's and con, far exceeds the federal government's guidelines to enact a National Holiday for Native Americans. In our society today congress has overwhelmingly shown support for enacting American Indian Heritage month. This month is set aside for all Indians and America to include the world to celebrate that which has been passed down to us, our imperishable heritage.

It is important for us to distinguish between the National Holiday and the Heritage Month. A day set aside for all people to reflect upon how this nation came about, should never happen again in history. Our National Heritage Month of November is to be celebrated with respects to those that made it possible for us to be here today, and it is our inheritance to honor and maintain this heritage for generations to come.

In today's governmental society to bring about a National Holiday for a nation to honor and respect, it must reflect a contribution to the fundamental development and substance for which it was founded. For all people to be united under one FLAG. Our Indian ancestors Tribal Governments gave the foundation of the most freest government on earth in the year 1776 and this is acknowledged in the first paragraph of the National American Indian Heritage Month. It did not come from Europe, Africa, Asia, or the middle East.

It is recorded history that the Indian Nations had Chiefs not Kings or Dictators as heads of their Tribal Governments. Our so called founded fathers acknowledged this. This came from the Smithsonian institute. A letter stating that the first union of the thirteen colonies was Chief Canassatego, speaking in 1744 to a Pennsylvania Assembly. Benjamin Franklin echoed Canassatego at the Albany Congress in 1754 that colonist had so little experience with democratic institutions that they adopted the Algonquin word caucus to designate a new decision making procedure.

After American colonist won their freedom with our help and I don't mean the Boston Tea Party, Benjamin Franklin echoed to the constitutional, convection to adopt many governmental features directly from the Indian Tribal Governments, which has brought about the most freest country in human history! The so called founding fathers adopted the Iroquois Federalism as the central principle of the newly formed American Government. So stated by today's congress in the National Heritage Month resolution. Americas true history can be found only in the American Indians that founded this country, this is Not talked about in the class rooms or today's history books.

We have just entered a crucial time period for the National Holiday for Native Americans. The American Indian Caucus has set aside the Month of August to work on the holiday issue. In the next four weeks we will know what their going to do or not do.

It is of the utmost importance that everyone that wants to see this holiday become a reality, to set aside time to act on the information that is listed below. The Indian Caucus needs to know that not only the Indian community, but the vast majority of all Americans want them to bring this Holiday issue before Congress.

In placing this issue before Congress, not only Americans but people of the world will see how willing our Government is committed to honoring the countless contributions Native Americans have made to the formation of this country and what they endured during that process.

United Native America has sent thousands of signed petitions to the Indian Caucus, this helped in their decision to bring this issue forward. Please inform people of the online petition at this time. (PLEASE SEE THE PETITION LINK AND PLEASE SIGN).

Submit this information to your community newspapers, radio stations, and television stations.

Use the following website link to contact news communication networks in the United States and around the world. This site is easy to use and will also connect you to college newspapers around the country. GO TO: AJR NewsLink.

It is the utmost importance that everyone contact their Congress Representatives and Senators this can be done online at this website for both the house and senate. - The United States Senate - or you can call 202-225-3121 to get mailing information on your congressman or senator.

United Native America appreciates everyone's help and support on this holiday issue. Working together we can make it a reality!!! To reach us on line email to

Other issues that we are working on are racial exclusion of Native Americans in television, movies, music, and sports industries.

We are asking for true American History to be taught in schools across the country. We are dedicated in holding the government responsible for dealing with these issues. We urge everyone to support petitions that are trying to bring about much needed change and respect for the Indian community.

We have online letters that can be sent to you on request: Letter # 1 Holiday information, # 2 Introductory letter, # 3 Letter to congressional Representatives # 4 Suggestions on how to get the word out, # 5 Letter from Senator Nickles, # 6 Letter from Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, # 7 Letter from President Bill Clinton, # 8 Letter to Indian Youth and our Heritage, # 9 United Native America Resolution for Holiday, # 10 Cherokee Nation Holiday Resolution, # 11 Congressional Heritage Month Resolution, # 12 Letter to Cherokee Nation.

A special thanks to United Native America email group.

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