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Petition: Illegal Taxation of Native American Service Members
Change the derogatory name of the Rum River to its scared Dakota name
Abolishment of The Bureau of Indian Affairs
We Demand Peace and Harmony for the Dineh, Hopi & Mother Earth
Justice For Our Children Petition
Genocide of Native Americans Petition
Clemency for Leonard Peltier Petition
Remove Jackson From the Twenty
Blood Quantum Does Not Determine Identity Petition
Remove the Totem Pole Because It's Not Chahta Petition
Include Native Americans In MTV's Anti-Hate Crimes Campaign Petition
Recognition of Lumbee Indain Petition
Pneumococcal Vaccine aka Prevnar Petition
Buffalo Petition
Stop the Sale of Wolves at eBay
Crazy Horse Holiday Petition
Petition Native American Holiday
Freedom Of Religion For Native American Prisoners Eric Wildcat Hall and James Locklear Brooks
The Wild Rockies Slate

Use These Web Sites To Bring About Change

1851 Treaty
United States Parole Commission Homepage
Stateweb - Choose a State
U.S. Governors Web Site
Office for Civil Rights
Native American Rights Fund
Native American Caucus
The Arizona Native American Republican Committee
KOLA International Campaign Office

With The Web Sites Below All You Have To Do
Is Click On To Make A Free Donation!
The Hunger Site : Donate Food for Free to Hungry People in the World
Save The Rain Forest
End Cancer Now
Peace For
Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund
Give Water

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