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I, Mike Graham founder of United Native America, a nationwide grassroots group formed in 1993 to bring about a federal holiday for Native Americans, is calling for Oklahoma Rep. Kevin C. Cox, District 97, to apologize as well as resign from his office over his derogatory statements about Indians and the Cherokee Brave flag being displayed on the state capitol grounds.

Rep. Cox's statements this week are racist and degrading to the Native American community of this country. His statements were about the Cherokee Brave flag, and its association with the First National Flag of the Confederacy.

Rep. Cox is quoted as saying, "It makes no difference what Confederate flag is flown. It doesn't give me any type of relief. I don't know why we are honoring a treasonous group that tried to overthrow the United States government."

Rep. Cox goes on to state, "No Confederate veterans are alive
." Therefore, he sees no need to honor those whom he considers traitors to the country. He compares them to "the terrorists plaguing the nation today."

It's is a sad day when an elected African American State representative states that American Indians are traitors, terrorists and a plague of America for standing up to the federal and state governments for their civil rights and defending their true homeland.

Rep. Cox's misguided words on our true Indian history makes Senator Trent Lott's comments look like child's play!

Rep. Wayne Pettigrew has introduced House Bill 1007
. 14 flags are supposed to be flown at the State Capitol in the plaza. 14 historic flags have flown over Oklahoma territories, including one that represents Confederate interests, the Cherokee Brave Flag. The vast majority of the Native American community supports the move to display the Cherokee Brave Flag on the State Capital grounds. It's our true history and heritage, and we stand behind it for these reasons.

If our children want to wear the Cherokee Brave Flag to school so be it. If any action is taken against them by school authorities, UNA will call for legal action against that school as it will be a violation of our children's civil rights and freedom of speech.

Before, during and after the Civil War, American Indians were massacred and enslaved on reservations by the federal and state governments under the American flag. Should this become a game of political correctness regarding which flag can be displayed or worn on our clothes, then the American Indian community has the right to remove the American flag, because of all the racist acts committed against our peoples by nonindigenous peoples, and change it to one we all can honor today. This would be an act of truth and fairness.

It's an insult that the African American community today wants to celebrate the Black Buffalo Soldiers serving in the US Army for their part in killing our Indian ancestors and helping to enslave Indians on reservations.

American Indians were not legal citizens of America during the Civil War. In fact
, Indians were the last race to be granted US citizenship in their true homeland. American Indians were not allowed in cities or some states, The State of Georgia maintained a state law prohibiting Indians from living in the state legally until 1980. A permit was required just to travel through the state. American Indians were the last race to be given voting rights.

US President Jackson forced Indians out of the South under the American flag and at gunpoint by the US Army. This lead to the death of more than 4000 Indian men, women and children. This event is known as the Trail Of Tears. Just under 3000 Americans were killed in the 9-11 terrorist attacks. The list of Indian massacres is long and high in numbers of human lives lost because of the American government and its flag.

Indian children across America are being forced out of schools because they as free Americans wore a shirt to school with the Cherokee Brave Flag on it. No group of people or race of people in America can call the American Indian's heritage or symbols of it racist!! When it comes to real American history, one shoe does not fit all.

The American Indians had just cause to fight against the federal and state governments, Their policy was to wipe out the Indian culture, which is nothing short of genocide, This was not the policy of the Confederacy. Instead this brought about the two groups joining together on the battle fields of the Civil War.

Slavery of people was committed by all races at one time worldwide. It's not just a Black and White thing as our national press reports it today. Human slavery is still practiced today in parts of Africa.

The Native American community is taking a stand for our true heritage. If we want to wear the Cherokee Brave Flag we will do so with pride! No one has the right to condemn us nor should they! It's time to teach true American history in our nations school's rather than the current Eurocentric view taught, and for others to respect our rights as well as to stop crying racism at every issue.

Americans need to understand one thing. All that came to America has a true homeland to go back to
. America is the true homeland of Native Americans. It's past time to show more honor and respect to the first true Americans for all they have contributed in the development of the country we have today. Our Indian ancestors gave the blueprint for the federal and state governments we have today. It sure didn't come from Europe, Africa, Middle East or Asia.

It is my intention to file a formal complaint this coming week with the Speaker of the House of Oklahoma Rep. Larry E. Adair (

Edmond Sun

Racism has no color and it's a two way street
Mike L. Graham

Mike L. Graham
Founder United Native America



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