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American Indian Community standing up against "One Nation"
Statement from United Native America

by Mike L. Graham

The One Nation organization based in Oklahoma City is just another fear mongering group focused on American Indian sovereignty, however U.S. treaties made with Indian nations already cover that. One Nation boasts of a large membership, so large that one has to think that they are counting all people doing business with companies associated with One Nation. Most people doing business with these companies have not heard of One Nation and are not aware of what they stand for.

If they did you would see a lot of people leaving and doing business with other companies not associated with One Nation. Indian groups around the country are getting the word out to the public as to what One Nation really stands for, and that is to do away with all Indian governments and their land rights.

One Nation is basically made up of oil and gas companies, plus some convenience stores owned by them as well as realty groups. State and federal laws cover each of them; they have no say over Indian business operations. One Nation wants people to think Indian nations are ripping the taxpayers off and Indian nations are bringing about the downfall of America due to the way they are allowed to conduct business in our country.

What is really the case with One Nation is they want Indian nations out of the way. Companies affiliated with this group would have access to millions of acres of land held in federal trust for Indians, thus they would have a free hand in getting access to more land for their companies to develop for their profit. Eliminating tribal sovereignty competition would bring in hundreds of billions of dollars each year for companies associated with One Nation and their stated goals.

Under federal law Indian nations are allowed to operate casinos within a state. Federal law mandates that the two parties work together bringing about a compact that would allow the state to collect a tax from these tribal operations. Money made by tribal businesses is used to support their programs within that state, programs like education and care for the elderly. The point made here is that their money stays in the state and helps other businesses and creates new business in support of their operations. That brings about a tax dollar gain for the state, not a loss for the state, as One Nation would have you believe.

Now, on the other hand, oil and gas companies, national realty companies, convenience stores chains, and insurance companies are franchises, when they come into your state and neighborhood a large part of their profits is sent out-of-state to their corporate office. When a Wal-Mart opens in your community, small businesses cannot compete and they have to close. You can almost hear the sucking sound of money leaving your community and state.

State governments offer great tax breaks plus a ton of freebies to national companies to locate within their state- is this fair to Mom and Pop businesses in full support of their community and states well being?

You do not have to read between the lines to see what One Nation is all about. They’re almost right when they say they do not hate Indians- they just believe Native Americans are in the way of big business getting bigger. Big businesses compete against each other all the time, no big deal, they have the money to hang in there. But, they also have no problem going after Mom and Pop small businesses in a community by cutting their prices and driving them out. You see no matter what your race is it's just about doing business and running over anyone that gets in his or her way no matter what it cost a community or state.

One Nation wants us to think they are being done wrong, stop the Indians, they are being given special treatment, we cannot compete, the sky is falling. I have never heard of any "big business" going bust because of an Indian operated business, have you?

Now, lets not get into how Indians and their governments for decades have been treated by federal and state governments and big business in this great land we call America, one nation under God. One Nation says its name comes from the American pledge of allegiance.

One Nation’s new leader Barbara Lindsay tells us she wants Indian leaders reigned in, that they are over-reaching. Groups like One Nation are all about one thing: filing unnecessary litigation against tribes in courts and bringing about legislation in governments that will not stand up to any sort of judicial scrutiny. Tribal nations have to spend millions of dollars each year in courts countering these group’s actions against them and that alone keeps attorney’s pockets full of money. Again, the state gets cash through the back door through keeping tribes tied up in state court actions.

One issue you will not see groups like One Nation talking about or taking on is big businesses ripping Americans off in the stock market. Groups like One Nation are riding across America like the 1800’s U.S. Army in trying to contain Indians, taking away their chance at the American dream that they are close to having and that dream is one of financial independence.

One Nation wraps itself in patriotism; it's plain to see their just another group in support of corporate financial pigs looking for a bigger feeding trough. One Nation must think American Indians live in other countries and do not pay tax on goods they buy here in the good old USA. As a member of the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation I pay taxes everyday, what's up with this One Nation? Where's my tax break?

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