Mayor of San Jose Ca. Will Rebuild Columbus Statue

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Mayor of San Jose Ca. will rebuild Columbus statue with city money DA. Robert Baker has filed hate crime charges on James Cosner For smashing a Columbus statue.

The true beginning history of the state of California is that it was legal to kill Indian men, women and children and take control of their land, this payment for death was backed up by the federal government. Today in the year 2001 Mayor Ron Gonzales of San Jose, California has announced that he will use city tax dollars to reestablish a Columbus statue in front of the new city hall, the statue was donated to the city by an Italian American group.

San Jose's DA, Robert Baker has filed numerous charges on James Cosner for smashing a statue of Columbus on city property, one of the most ridicules charges is calling it a hate crime, which carries three to five years more if convicted. The Indian community has informed San Jose officials that paying tribute to Columbus with our tax dollars is a national sick joke! The true history of Columbus cannot even be taught in our schools.

It is becoming more obvious that James Cosner will not get a fair trail in San Jose, DA Robert Baker has taken it upon himself to set James Cosner's bail at $70,000 in court before a judge this past Monday. When James Cosner was first arrested the DA wanted his bail set at $50,000 and a judge overturned that to make it $20,000. The court hearing this past Monday was to set a trial date for the case, James Cosner was present, the DA at that time requested that the new judge raise Mr. Cosner's bail to $70,000 in which the judge did so.

Mr. Cosner's attorney informed him that he did not have to be present for the judges ruling, DA Robert Baker then issued a warrant for James Cosner for failure to appear. It is obvious that DA Robert Baker has set such a high bail as to keep Mr. Cosner detained in jail as this is an outrages amount of bail for a simple case of vandalism. James Cosner has showed the DA's office that he is prepared to go to court on this case, but is finding it difficult in the manner that DA Robert Baker keeps trying to add charges and increase his bail at each court appearance.

In talking to Robert Baker, he advised me and the Indian community to stay out of this issue and not offer moral support to Mr. Cosner. He stated to me that our group should not associate ourselves with Mr. Cosner, that he was not a person to stand up for. In over a thirty minute conversation with Mr. Baker he repeatedly denounced James Cosner, and that the Indian community should not stand up for him for smashing a Columbus statue. I informed Mr. Baker that the Indian community would support Mr. Cosner and I asked why is it so important for the city to pay tribute to a murderer, rapist and slave trader as history truly knows, he had no commit.

We asked DA Robert Baker to drop the hate crimes charges, this was not done, we asked Mr. Baker if he would agree to ask the court to give Mr. Cosner community service time on the vandalism charge, instead Mr. Baker's true intention's have been to add as many charges as he can and ask for the maximum jail sentence on each charge. Mr. Baker has made it clear that he has a personal vendetta toward James Cosner and should be taken off the case and stop looking for judges to support his vendetta. This is a simple case of vandalism, the DA want's to make it a capitol crime.

The country is aware of the justice in California, you can almost cut your wife's head off killing her and get off free. You can be found guilty and ordered to pay financial restitution and never have to pay a dime of it. You can stand in the hallway of your apartment complex and watch your dogs kill your neighbor and the DA does not know if a crime has been committed or not, at the most they will kill your dogs for you. If you have money and being a national figure you can have your girlfriend killed and her unborn baby and only have to do about 25 years at the most. If you smash a statue of Christopher Columbus, rest assured if it's done in San Jose, California you will be looking at 25 years. Let's not even get into gang members being rotated in and out of jail to prey on the community committing unspeakable crimes.

James Cosner and the Indian community do not have hate in their heart toward the Italian community, we ask that the Italian community celebrate their heritage not the man Columbus. We ask that our country stop teaching our children that Columbus is a hero, as it is definitely not true. I myself am a member of Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, I also have Italian heritage, I do not celebrate the man Columbus! The American people are telling our government to stop the state sponsoring of a terrorist holiday for Columbus who is the equal of Hitler.

The German's celebrate their heritage not Hitler and the Irish celebrate their heritage, it's time for the Italian community to stop supporting the inhuman holiday Columbus and celebrate their heritage as all ethnic groups do in this country. For more information and updates on the James Cosner case go to our web site at, we will follow this case and all of the injustice that is being portrayed, at this time there has not been a court date set for Mr. Cosner, DA Baker is still adding up the charges.

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Ron Gonzales of the City of San José
District Attorney, Santa Clara County, California, Robert Baker