Resolution in support of designation of a National Holiday for
Native Americans

United Native America
National Holiday Resolution 1-2

Whereas the American Indian Nations of America recognize the Federal and State governments, therefore be it fitting for the Federal Government to recognize Indian Nations and their citizens in solidarity with the establishment of a Native American Federal National Holiday;

Whereas Indian nations citizens are subject to the laws and taxation of the United States Government;

Whereas there are ten national holidays now recognized by the Federal Government, not one paying tribute to the Native Americans;

Whereas Columbus Day is the most uncelebrated holiday in America, and not recognized by any Native American Government as cause for celebration of the re-discovery of them and their homeland. True history cannot be taught to our young children in our nation's schools about Columbus; and

Whereas the majority of Americans and Native Americans are in full support of a proposal to change Columbus Day to Native American Day (seventeen states do not recognize Columbus Day). State of South Dakota has changed Columbus Day to Native American Day.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the United States Government support and promote a recommendation to designate one day each year as a Federal and State National Holiday recognizing Native American Indians, Alaskans, Hawaiians and all U.S. Territory Tribal Nations indigenous to that land before the arrival of Columbus;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all national holidays, specifically Columbus Day, be re-evaluated to accommodate the inclusion of Native American Day like the state of South Dakota, which has taken the lead by changing Columbus Day to Native American Day;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Columbus Day no longer be recognized as a tax paid National holiday and be moved back to its traditional day the second Wednesday of October, Columbus Day should be re-named Italian Heritage Day;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that in conjunction with the second Monday of October being Native American Day, the month of November shall be designated Native American Heritage Month; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the United States Government establish such a holiday with the intent to show solidarity and identification with Native American governments in recognition of their historic involvement in the formation of the Federal and State governments we have today, including cultural contributions and social significance as citizens of this great land.

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