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Letter of support from Crazy Horse Memorial to
bring about a National Holiday for Native Americans

February 11. 2002

Dear Mr. Graham:
Crazy Horse Memorial recently received the information regarding H.R. 2742. A bill to authorize the construction of a Native American Cultural Center and Museum in Oklahoma City. Another email we received included Some brief information regarding the establishment of a National American Indian holiday
We are interested in learning more about the establishment of the National American Indian Holiday. May we please have copies of the Resolution from the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma which we will forward to our representative U.S. Senators Tom Daschle and Tim Johnson and Representative John Thune.
The Crazy Horse Memorial project is dedicated to honoring all Native North American people and Nations. We believe that passage of a bill to establish a National American Indian Holiday is an important step toward recognizing the invaluable contributions of Native Americans to our country.
Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs. Korczak Ziolkowski
President and CEO
Crazy Horse Memorial

Crazy Horse Memorial