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Support for Native American Day scarce in Native America...
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UNA seeks state park name change In South Dakota. You can support this issue by emailing the South Dakota Governor and State Rep's, ask them to make it happen!!!
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American Indian Community standing up against "One Nation" Statement from United Native America
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By law, Indians were ordered to stay out of states and cities. This happened all across America - North, East, South, West...
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Call for boycott of new TV shows Native Hawaiian Community outraged over biased casting of new television shows being filmed in Hawaii...
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Republican Representative Sam Brownback of Kansas aided by the National Council of Native Americans, is spearheading a resolution of apology and reconciliation to the First Americans. S. J. RES. 37
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Oklahoma Republican Congressman Tom Cole will not support House Bill 167. Calling for a national Native American Day.
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A call to stop Columbus Day from United Native America Founder Mike Graham, reported in Indian Country News Today.
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United Native America Initiates A Nation Wide Push To Remove Columbus Day As A Tax Paid Federal Holiday.
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On January 25, 2003, at 10:00 am United Native America will be at the Oklahoma State Capitol to raise the Cherokee Braves flag. This act will be done to show honor and respect to our true heritage.
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Mike Graham is calling for Oklahoma Rep. Kevin C. Cox, District 97, to apologize as well as resign from his office over his derogatory statements about Indians and the Cherokee Brave flag being displayed on the state capitol grounds...
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Mayor of San Jose Ca. will rebuild Columbus statue with city money. DA. Robert Baker has filed hate crime charges on James Cosner for smashing a Columbus statue...
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Native American Caucus Mascot Resolutions: Calif. Issue
Here is a copy of the Redskin Resolution. Following, there is also one that applies to mascots in general that follows. The mascot resolution was passed last year. The language in the Redskin resolution is much stronger.

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...congressional hearings on the racial exclusion of Native Americans in the
national television, movies...
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PRESS RELEASE - Sept. 16, 2000
United Native America
America Indian Made

The Congressional Indian Caucus in Washington DC. has announced they will .....
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But with 100 yards left, Mills began repeating to himself, "I can win. I can win." He remembers the sound of his heart beating as his body, mind and spirit came together. He sprinted.....
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American Indians and other ethnic groups have complained that Columbus was a slave trader who committed genocide, and they have threatened to block the...
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Are we as American citizens so blind to the truth of Columbus that we allow for our tax dollars to pay for a national holiday for a mass murderer, kidnapper, enslaver and a thief....
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He wants people to learn about how Columbus needed gold to pay the journey's debts and, when little gold was found, he took hundreds of Indians back to Spain as...
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